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Sleeping Your Way to Wellness


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Help educate yourself on the critical importance of sleep and help others with your Purchase with part proceeds to the WONM Wellness for Humanitry Clinics. 

 “Sleeping Your Way to Wellness”.

This Self Care Guide was co-authored by 5 experienced professors of the Board of Integrative Medicine and World Organization of Natural Medicine in a collaborative multifaceted book of self-care strategies to help optimize your immune system through sleeping techniques, tips and essential products for wellness.





The Authors show you how to use nutrition, exercise, posture, emotional balance, and  energy medicine methods, to enhance your circulation, digestion,  excretion, immune, system. They review a wholistic approach to natural chemistry and magnetic field of the brain and body, mind and spiritual health. You will learn home based techniques to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance deep sleep and demonstrate modern, safe, effective technologies to benefit your health. This book is used by Lay persons, athletes, coaches, health professionals and Sleep Consultants espousing. Case examples include the benefits of using Biocrystal Mattress Technology.





You can access the BOOK

1/ Use the link below to the order page and details

on line at

2/ Alternatively, add an order for your copy of the book

 from when you purchase any wellness products there



Get Inspired with this 2-minute Vignette on YouTube

We could all use a Coach so get involved with self-help and Earn while you Learn. We are seeking new Integrative Health Coaches and Affiliates.



Please help us help others. Part Proceeds from this newly published book and SleepM wellness product sales go towards supporting Clinics for Humanity, ( under the World Organization of Natural Medicine, ( whose mission is to support Integrative Medicine Doctors training, certification and outreach to the underserviced with noninvasive natural medicine.













Dr. Drake is a Sleep Consultant and lectures weekly on sleep for SleepM Global Inc. Enjoy a rotation of webinars with comments and insights for health and online business ventures with these accessible or meetings  online each Thursday Afternoon. (We’ve gone Cyber since the Global Shutdown, but our business is adapted to online sales anyway so what better time to get involved…)


SLEEPM Opportunity Meetings:

Thursdays 2-3 pm EST in a public access

Go to

Register and enter meeting

Zoom room #4167688555

Password 655106


Dr. Drake and coauthors and guests present various aspects of sleep, wellness, and tools and tips for personal health, professional coaching accreditation and for Wellness business opportunities



The WONM Endorses the Stevie and Hugo Award winning up and coming company at the top of 3000 companies in 22 countries. The SleepM Global  Inc. wellness company attained many accolades from customers and athletes, veterinarians, and health care professionals. Their products contain a scientifically tested and proven formula for bioenergetic and immune boosting beneficial effects using unique combination of 7 layers of bedding known for properties of safety, comfort and relaxation restoration, using body organ tuning frequencies through the vibration of 16 carefully selected, biologically active Mineral Crystals called “Biocrystals”.



 In addition, their unique wellness technology products contain

-energy enhancing Gold and Silver to activate and energize the Biocrystal mix,

- grounding from Activated Charcoal for EMF and odor protection,

- Independent Coils for comfort and spinal support,

- Form Fitting viscoelastic sculptured energy absorbent material,

- cooling gel foam for temperature control, 

- antiseptic Natural Thai Latex for mold, mildew, and mite resistance,

- 7 zone topper for comfort,

- with a washable pillow covers in tightly woven cotton for hypo-allergenic sleeping experience.


Together this Biocrystal technology enhances the overall function of the body by 36%, with deeper and more frequent respiration, lower blood pressure, for enhanced circulation, relaxation of mood and muscles, restful restoration sleep and improved overall energy and immune resistance.


It is a totally unique winning combination with effects noticeable within 10 minutes of lying on this relaxation inducing technology, and it only gets better the longer you use it through  the night. Care to wake refreshed and restored? Check it out!



Visit or their showrooms in Markham, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Philippines for information on Immune Technology Wellness Products.

Be sure to check out the portable SleepM W.O.N.M Topper and Osteopathic Pillows, mattresses and magnetized Butterfly pillow or its osteopathic Camel or hypoallergenic Panda and Polar Bear Pillows.




Make the Decision to Embrace Natural Health Practices and Take Action!


  1. Visit and get a copy of “Sleeping Your Way to Wellness”


  1. Call me to discuss in person or arrange an in-person meeting by texting or phoning me at 647-825-4627 ( and or a visit to the Showroom to test it out yourself).


  1. Please visit my new online Health Counts Academy newest course called the SLEEP ACADEMY for sequential lessons from our weekly live and online teaching podcasts recorded in evergreen webinar archives for your continuing education at  or go directly to the course overview at


  1. Be sure to investigate and use Biocrystal products, sleep well while even earning commission as an affiliate lifetime distributor and share with others.


  1. Support and help our fund raising with SleepM Wellness Products using  the WONM registration number #100000336 at when purchasing a book or wellness product (Please list Dr. Deborah Drake as the Presenter on your SleepM Registration ID#10000328).


All the best to you in this time of RESTORATION and REST from HOME .

Isn’t it time you invested in your own health and slept your best?


Hope to see you in online class soon and learn about natural wellness.




Dr. Deborah Drake

Integrative Medicine Doctor, Doctor of Humanitarian Services

PhD Bioenergetic Medicine, Integrative Health Coach Professor

Author, Educator, Clinician, Sleep Consultant




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