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BE100 Bioterrain

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The HEALTH COUNTS ACADEMY proudly invites you to learn about yourself and help others as we present an online Training Room for cyberlearning and self-care strategies, tools and technologies, with options in Certification as an Integrative Health Coach. 

, Ph.D., IMD, DHS, DOMP, FMT, CBS, CQI, Ayurved, Auricular Therapist.Dr. Deborah Drake) provides access to several courses for both the lay and professional, taught by an experienced international instructor and doctor of both allopathic, natural, osteopathic, vibrational and bioenergetic medicine, from instructor





This program is designed for the person wishing higher level of educataion for themselves, up to include gathering study credtis for their professional development of for eventual certification of

Integrative Health Coaches

with the 

Canadian College Of Humanitarian Medicine


BIOENERGETICS courses are hosted online in a cloud-based learning platform with video and written lessons available to you to study from home at the time of your choosing.

Explore the full Cyber syllabus of the course Library is available at 



Study credits are tracked during attendance for the optional certification with the


There are three levels

of course participation. 

Level 100 Bioterrain Basics on the Minerals, Oxygen and Hydration needs of all healthy living things. Learn to manage the basic tenants of all living things and avoid or better manage predictable inflammatory and degenerative disease due to oxidative stress from microbes, metals, toxins and environmental or contagious illness.




Level 200 Music is Medicine discussing the role of vibration in the healthy entrainment of the Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit, with demonstrations using Original Music Scores by Dr. Drake and Musical Guests for Musical Interlude and creative entertainment, spiced with the theoretical underpinnings of biochemistry, mineral catalysts for structure and function of the body, and the necessary requirements of properly structured water.  Tutorials on PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy and biofeedback Devices are reviewed along with other equipment like Ionic foot bath, relaxation Chakra music, and more.

Level 300 Fundamentals of Integrative Living provides a 4 Phase in-depth study of the body over 52 hours of training from A to Z on the benefits of proactive organ support, drainage, and seasonal rotation, plus detox from microbes, metals, and toxins, plus restoration from injury, along with rejuvenation for mind, vitality, sex, weight, sex purity and prowess, youthful aging, and zen-like relaxation, sleep and learning, and memory repair.

52-part course on just how to manage the A to Z of all body systems, for self-contained and integrative Health.

FUNDAMENTALS OF INTEGRATIVE LIVINGThis series provides a close up look at the healing process of a case study to help others see just how they could apply this knowledge to themselves. Please join the

Phase 1 Fundamentals of Living Well (ABCDEFGHIJKL for Airway, Brain, Circulation, Digestion, Endocrine, Filters, Genito-urinary, Housing Skeleton, and Soft tissue, Immunity/lymphatics, Jacket of Skin Hair and Nails, Karma (CNS Brain Pineal Pituitary Hypothalamus) and Love (Senses and emotions).

Phase 2 Fundamentals of Detox (MNO for Microbes/Metals/Toxins, Nutritional Detox, Organ Inflammation, and Degeneration). This course reviews in details the bioterrain corrections necessary to restore normal flora, including reducing heavy metal toxicity that promotes a shift in the biome and the prospering on unwanted pathogenic parasites and infections that deplete the body through oxidative stress. The Nutritional solutions and support for detox are reviewed as well as the Organ at Risk inflammation and degeneration pathways to show preventative strategies to reduce oxidative stress responsible for a majority of western world disease.

Phase 3 Fundamentals of Restoration (PQRST for Pain, Quest Fitness, Relaxation, Stress, Trauma) is a course on realignment after injury, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual injury. The reduction of oxidative stress requires the reduction of the stress hormone released in pain, stress, and trauma. The ability to oxygenate the wounds of all types is the key to bringing healing cells, chemistry and circulation to the would clear it. Sports injury, inflammation, and degenerative injury or illnesses are addressed in a proactive bioterrain correcting method to prevent recurrences, speed healing, especially when new modalities like PEMF for bone and hollow organ or skull penetration with magnetic waves is possible in a noninvasive advancement to speed recovery and alignment for peak performance. 

Phase 4 The SPIRIT: The Fundamentals of Rejuvenation (UVWXYZ for Unity of Mind, Vitality (Energy), Weight Management, X for Sexual Purity and Prowess, Youthful Aging, and Zen Sleep DNA, memory) This course helps restore the best of the body, without the prior toxicity and injuries, burdened no longer and thus able to use energy for rejuvenation to slow the aging process, repair mitochondrial energy, and thrive no matter what age of prior condition.

Register online at the for details and tuition payments and instant access to classrooms. www.HealthCounts.ca/academy

I look forward to chasing you into the new century with futuristic tools and ancient knowledge in order to speed your drainage, detoxification, restoration and rejuvenation for a life of reduced stress and pain, and with longevity through detox and balanced lifestyle.

What are You Waiting For? Let's get busy together on toning your body, mind, emotions, and spirit into Peak Performance.

           Dr. Deborah Drake









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