Health Counts Gallery

Health Counts Gallery provides a glimpse into positive, inspiring videos, PEMF Education, Podcasts, TV Shows, Conventions, intensive workshops and Musical Elements like BODYMUSIC to tantilize and stimulate peak performance, relaxation, pain reduction, self awareness .healing. d self awareness.

AmpCoil Gallery Introduction 

Woman On Fire TV Science And Technology Award Winner 2017 Dr Deborah Drake Interview 
Woman On Fire TV Dame Dr Sheila McKenzie Interview April 2017 

Integrative Medicine Evolution

Dr. Drake & Hugh Reilly

What is Quantum Biofeedback Podcast by Jeremy Bennett interview with Dr. Deborah Drake 

Understanding Biofeedback 

Dr. Deborah Drake and John Sargent

WONM 2016 Award Ceremony Honouring

Dr Deborah Drake Order Of Excellence 

and Dr. John Sargent, Doctor of Natural 

Medicine and Doctor of Humanitarian Service

Doc of Detox Show

Dr. Darrell Wolfe

Abby Michelle

Dr. Deborah Drake


That Channel Show

With Hugh Reilly Dr Drake


With AmpCoil


Drs Drake & Dr. Rakesh Modi

Bioenergy & Ayurveda


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