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Take control of you health and wealth with an affordable on line coach, Joel Therion, and his



7-Minute per day Workout


Enjoy the coaching from home, using tried and tested methodology, to help lose fat, gain muscle, produce cardiovascular fitness, and access training videos, on line webinars, and motivational tools to keep you working towards your goals, with on line tracking of your progress.


Furthermore, consider sharing this opportunity with a well established Multi-Level Marketing MLM company that has your interests at heart. 


Your VIRTUAL GYM has attached a free Conference Room for your business or communication with clients, downline or other education you wish to provide.

The conference room, Lead Capture system, Autoresponder are all included for a incredibly low price, excellent service, and top notch quality of resources to help you both coach yourself, and hopefully share this opportunity for health and wealth with others. 


You can attain commissionable sales by introducting this opportunity to others wishing to get FIT or to Get WORKING at a productive career in coaching others to wellness.


The MLM options fosters your ability to help more people, no matter the time or time zone, by reaching out with standarized resources, training materials, support and educational events plus facebook Group Traffic to help you build a business while you get in shape. 


Its a win win situation.


  • Fitness Program

  • Peak Performance
  • Nutrition
  • Body Building
  • Fat Burning
  • Fiber 
  • Exercise Bands

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Lets Train Our Bodies and Our Minds

Health And Wealth 


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 Virtual Gym on line Body Fitness, Weight and Aerobic Training and Supplements and conference room with autoresponder and webinar services



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