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AmpCoil BetterGuide PEMF Neuro-Entrainment Body Surround Sound Magnetic Stress, Pain and Relaxation Tool with Voice Analysis Guidance for Precision Vibrational Journeys of silent penetrating Biotunes 


The AmpCoil Team of professionals have dedicated years of heart felt work to make the AmpCoil a modern day reality. The Goal is to help you help yourself with transformative technology to help measure map and monitor your stress indicators, automatically help select priority biofeedback retraining Biotunes, and allow your body to sit back and be guided through its homework paces in an accelerated, safe, non invasive way that is instructive and fun, progressively balancing and free of side effects. Welcome to the Millenium of subtle energy. Just


Talk with AmpCoil Ambassadors Dr. Deborah Drake or Dr. John Sargent for assistance in any questions and directing your acquisition of this home use technology.






Click on the home site INTERCOM icon to speak to staff regarding the process for the Acquisition of AmpCoil.

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