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Experience freedom using a new Modified Tesla Coil as a Subwoofer Surround Sound Speaker on your body to VIBRATE, Tune, Tone and Tickle your mind, body and emotions into balance. Though its PEMF Magnet is silent, you can feel its warmth, movement, and occassional an overtone of audible vibration inside you. It silent and inoffensive, non intrusive, non invasive. yet with no Noise for Precision Delivery of healthy signals to retrain you back to pitch over time.
We've made Self TUNING universally accessible to everyone, like Music, with user friendly, self-directed custom BIOTUNES sorted into relevant playlists of Top Priorities, based on your own Voice Analysis from the on Android Tablet on Board Coach called BetterGuide App to run it all seemlessly.
All you havc to do is PLAY!! Cool!
Use thisBETTERGUIDE SOFTWARE COACH to TUNE AND TONE YOUR ORGANS with Journeys of Biotrunes for Seasonal Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Air/Metal, Water and Ether balancing of the Yin Yang Organ Alignment, plus enhance Nutrition, Detoxification of Body Burdens, Restoration and Rejuvenation Journeys. 

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Bioenergetic Biofeedback

 AmpCoil driven by BetterGuide Software App Provides new generation of BRAVE WAVE PEMF


Music Is Medicine

 for Mind, Body, Emotion

and Spirit 

Tune & Tone With PEMF 

Imagine you can listen to your body signals, through Voice Analysis and help prioritize your stress indicators to a playlist that is customized and personalized for your own issues.

Then enjoy a playback sequence of professionally designed soundscapes called Music Journeys, played right into the body through a sllent but vibrating transducer speaker syste.

Healthy vibrations matching natural body oscilations has been carefully delivered in subtel energy concerts, organ by organ,  amplified magnetically to acoustically harmonize the entire body.

 Introducing the home music medicine cabinet, using PEMF Pulsing Electromagentic Field (PEMF) for Bioresonance training of the brain and body, from the comfort of home.





Music Is Medicine on line webinar membership accesses our Members area in the New COACHZIPPY.com cyberclassrooms for a library of learning tools with this new genre of self care and proactive balancing for peak perforamnce, reduction of stress, pain and improved relaxation.


Theory of Music Is Medicine BE200 is followed by BE200M Musical Interludes or original compositions by Dr. Deborah Drake to illustrate the body chemistry through musification of the minerals on a piano. 

Then polish your coaching skills with the Music is Medicine Tutorials featuring PEMF Subwoofer Musical and Bioresonance training for Brain Entrainment of the Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit in the BE200T Music is Medicine Tutorials featuring the PEMF with an example using the AmpCoil powered by  BetterGuide.

Learn this non invasive, powerful, fun, personalized Brain Wave Entrainment to Tune and Tone the Body Head to Toe, Silently, Noninvasively, Risk Free without Medication, Radiation, or Violation of Natural Law



Music is Medicine

Introductory Course

Jan 2020

Part 1 Introduction to Bioterrain Minerals Oxygen, Water and Liquid Health

Part 2 Music is the Mind - Neural Training

Part 3 Music is the Body - Elements of Wood Fire Earth Air Water Ether

Part 4 Music is the Emotions - Purifying the Neurochemistry of Metals and Toxins

Part 5 Music is the Spirit - Metaphysical Realms and Chakra Alignments

Tutorials: PEMF Entrainment Tools

AmpCoil BetterGuide

Music Entrainment System

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PEMF Basics


AmpCoil & BetterGuide App are cutting edge measuring and monitoring tools for self analysis for individuals, families, sports teams and Health and Business Leaders seeking a new powerful peak performance health modality. AmpCoil provies Focused PEMF or Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy to envelope the entire body in balancing waves of sound. Key tones for tuning are piggybacked onto a Toroidal Fountain like surround sound MODIFIED TESLA COIL SPEAKER for deep absorption of healthful vibrations. This futuristic safe penetrating magnetic therapy can be accessed by all age groups, easily learned from this simple android and Amplifier speaker system, merging 4 previously proven technologies into one user friendly platform. Your Voice directs the session for a focused self analysis.


 AmpCoil reaches the sub-audible subwoofer range of sound to deliver measurable benefits to metabolism, cell wall integrity, energy, microcirculatoin, learning and brain waves, plus much more. It does so simply, quickly, reliably and safely, using a Modified Tesla Coil, Low Distortion High Fidelity Amplifier, Music Tone Generator for biologically helpful tones called BIOTUNES, a mathematical sorting software to help select the best Playlist from our preprogrammed easy to use playli Called Journey or automated albums from our Music Sequencer, Plus Voice Analysis for a Customized, Precision, Easy to Use, Portable, Effective Self Measuring and Monitoring Tool


Cost $150 per session for 60 minutes


To review Process, visit www.AmpCoil.com/training to see video of screen shots, FAQ and Blog for info.


VISIT www.AmpCoil.com/ambassadors for Acquisitions and Training in Distribution to help others with body rebuilding of bioterrain and homeostasis through technology assisted natural non invasive means. 

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Bioenergetics BE200

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