Integrative Health Coach Course (50 hours of CEU's) prepares students as Natural Health Care Providers for a Coaching career which uses at least TWO MODALITIES. Thus this course will feature BIOENERGETIC BIOFEEDBACK along with AYURVEDIC DETOXIFICATION presented by the BOIM Director of Bioenergetics Deborah Drake IHC, IMD, DHS, DO(MP), CBS, Auric Acup and Retired Medical Doctor.

Course Requirments: This course costs $1600 which includes BOIM Registration and $20 per hour of on line training for a minimun of 50 hours to amass enough study credits for application to the Board of Integrative Medicine ( for recognition as an Integrative Health Coach (IHC) or, if you already have a college degree, an Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) or Integrative Medical Doctor (IMD).  Contact course instructor Deborah Drake at 647-825-4627 for further information about registration and requirements. Visit and FYI

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Study from home from Deborah Drake's extensive podcast and DVD video collection of training regarding the Biofeedback, you can enjoy the detailed replays of many theory and practical lectures.  The IHC course focuses on integrative, non invasive, guidance systems such as AmpCoil powered by BetterGuide, as well as past presentation on Bioterrain, Quantum Biofeedback QXCI/EPFX devices, Ayuveda, Stress Pain Relaxation and Peak Performance Management.  Seminars provide hardware, software, usage and problems solving FAQw along with Legal and Ethics training. 

For New Students and Ambassadors of AmpCoil BetterGuide, and/or old friends Quantum Biofeedback enthusiasts, enhance your clinical skills and save time travel and money by training from the comfort of home at whatever level of skill you are at. You can access navigation and application training from levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Clinical Skills and professional level coursework on line ( Also available on DVD).

These courses were accepted by IMUNE and the Romanian Government for the approval of Bioresonance training in support of the Biofeedback industry. Recorded Course Materials cost $20 per one hour class on line and qualify for Continuing Education Credits (CEU's) in Biofeedback. Integrative Health Coach certification course is taught by the new Director of Bioenergetics for the Board of Integrative Medicine ( under the World Organization of Natural Medicine ( . These courses are cross certified for Integrative Health Coach, Integrative Medicine Practitioner (IMP) and Integrative Medicine Doctors (IMD) or PhD students in Bioenergetics from BOIM.

Consider apprenticeship learning  from home without travelling while watching an expert at their craft. Newer lectures on AmpCoil PEMF therapy, Voice Analysis Highlights of a lengthy 50 city tour with Deborah Drake's Quantum BIofeedback training for EPFX SCIO was recorded at seminars from California, to Hawaii, to New Zealand, South Africa, and Barcelona.  The range of topics is wide and intruiging and the application of Quantum BIofeedback has profound implications for health of individuals and the planet. Find out why.This archive is under construction at our new archive internet TV site at www.xybervedix.TV to be opened soon. Stay tuned.

Welcome to a unique take on a journey inward. Consider a virtual tour of your body as a winding road with turns and surprises for a view you have never seen before. Discover what treasures or toxins lie within by measuring with iridology eye analysis, face & organ reading, tongue analysis, nail bed analysis, body composition and hair mineral indices, as well as electronic vital signs, nutritionals and psychological surveys for an accurate map of the body. These bioenergetic functions can be determined to provide a guideline of stress indicators needing your attention. For the more adventurous participant, join us for a live holiday for custom quantum mapping and Stress therapy.

Call 647-825-4627  for details and booking for home parties or travel retreats.



USE AMPCOIL to Correct Bioterrain Parameters for Best Oxygenation



        Electricity equals  Voltage = Amperage X Resistance (V=IR)

1. POWER comes from VOLTAGE (V) derived from the adrenal glands and brain plus heart pumping. ALl the above requires the flow of electrons down the livers electron transport chain after breaking glucose into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and releasing free electrons to recharge minerals, enzymes, and DNA in the body. Without a clean liver and fuel to pump the electrons, no power for any activity is possible resulting in hypoadrenalism, low blood pressure, low blood sugar and inability to perform. ENSURE proper adrenal function with adequate hydration and adrenal mineral support with ZINC, Vitamin B and C along with Olive oil to produce adrenal hormones like DHEA, Progesterone, Testosterone, Estrogen, Aldosterone and Cortisone.  Visit for Moringa Oleifera for over 90 verified nutrients to maintain POWER.



2. AMPERAGE (I) requires the optimal pH or acid base balance of the body dependent on the Kreb's cycle and ATP to maintain cellular integrity and removal of waste products. The build up of too much acidosis in the body will impair the all important delivery of oxygen. The ingestion of dead, mineral depleted, processed foods may contribute to an alkaline gut and thus a compensated acidic body fluids. This is the root of leaky gut syndrome and overgrowth of unwanted pathogens and disturbance of normal gut flora responsible for recycling 60% of hormones. Thus maintenance of proper pH for oxygen delivery, including healthy blood and iron zinc copper tin nickel and B vitamins for bone marrow production of Red and White blood cells is key to longetivity, reduction of oxidative stress & artery hardening acidosis.



3. RESISITIVITY (R) from Mineralization is the key to all of health, and dictates the grounding for electrical integrity in peak performance physiology, and depends on absorption from a great food source. The power of performance requires a healthy core of mineralized skeleton to exchange minerals as needed with blood to balance contractility of muscles, maintain enzyme activation, help absorb vitamins, and perform key regulatory functions as gatekeepers for cell . Without minerals you cannot survive. Zinc and copper end plates on electrical outlets mimic the zinc copper grounding for every hormone in the body. Are you getting enough bioavailable minerals in your diet? Hair analysis will tell you whether you have a toxic load of metals and enough or the right ratio of minerals and electrolytes to balance. 















BODYMUSIC |    Albums 1-11   |   Email

Enjoy a twist on Jazz Music and experience BODYMUSIC. This bioresonance biofeedback enhanced music, recorded live in one take by Deborah Drake on keyboard and piano, plus Robert Rapson on Woodwinds flute and Saxaphone, provides an inspiring and relaxing way to entrain you to peak performance by stimulating healthy vibrations in the music.  Listening to Peak Performance traininig music may enhance your performance by balancing the body to normal functional states and vibration.


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