Bioenergetics Courses

BE100 Bioterrain

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  • BE100 Bioterrain Restoration

  • BE101T Orientatation to Coiling

  •  BE102T PEMF Basic Theory 

  • BE103T PEMF Hardware Tutorial
  • BE104T PEMF Software Tutorials
  • Module 1 : Organ Rotation

  • Module 2: Detox Programs

  • Module 3: Cleanse Programs

  • Module 4: General Detox

Integrative Health Couach
Follow Up Certification Courses
                          200 LEVEL
  • BE200 Music is Medicine
  • Music is the Healthy Body
  • Music is the Wise Mind
  • Music is Emotional Wealth
  • Music is the Creative Spirit
  • Music Integrates Harmony
  • BE300 Fundamentals of Integrative Living
  • Part 1 Wellness
  • Part 2 Detox
  • Part 3 Restoration
  • Part 4 Rejuvenation
  • Seasonal Retreats 

  • Intehrative Health Coach

  • Links and Certification

Orientation to Bioterrain
BIOENERGETICS 101 - Music Is Medicine Introduction 
Spring Retreat 
Wood Element
(Liver Gall Bladder )
Summer Retreat
Fire Element
(Heart Small Intestine) 
Autumn Retreat
Earth Element
(Stomach Spleen Pancreas) 
Winter Retreat
Water Element
(Kidney Bladder)
Fall Retreat
Air/Metal Element
(Lung Large Intestine)
Transitional Retreat
(Brain Endocrine) 
AmpCoil Hardware Software 
Biofeedback PEMF Basic Theory
Bioenergetics Bioterrain
Tuition Course
BetterGuide Software Basics
Gall Bladder
Sm Intestine
Stomach Spleen Pancreas

Learn the Basics of all life, using the analogy of the ocean, as a tank of salt, water and pH control, for the the basis of all metabolic and immune balance.

Module 2

Nutritional Journey

Oxygen, Mitochondria
Hydration, Electrolytes
Minerals (Grounding, Enzymes)
Vitamins (Metabolism, Immune)
Proteins, Fatty acids
Herxheimer Detox Reactions

BE201 Health Safaris -

Seasonal Stress Retreats

Peak Performance Coaching


Gain Clinical Confidence and Health Supervision. Join Us for a online Workshops, Training and Supervision experience in self reliance mimicking a detox protocol based on organ rotation per season. Measure, Modulate and Monitor Stress Indicators.

Join coaching webinars to get the heads up on your best priorities of self car per seasons.



Learn the Technical aspects of the AmpCoil care, operation and usage of PEMF subbass COIL and its ability to penetrate hollow organs with BetterGuide Voice Analysis Software NeuroBiofeedback applications.

Learn About Yourself in 5 part series on Bioenergetics transfer of energy, plasma, light and vibration for the Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit for a long healthy active life.

To Enrol:
1/ Click on the link below to enter the Bioenergetics On Line training funnels for the Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine accredited site.
Earn an Integrative Health Coach Certification when you amass 50 hours of credits.
Enroll on line at the following link for the course desired.
Contact Support by completing the form below for other issues
or to consult with Instructor Dr. Drake 647-825-4627 to enrol with Course Registrar Sandra Carter at 647-986-4627. 
Fat Metabolism
Protein Metabolism
Minerals Metabolism
Vitamin Metabolism

Learn with modern measuring Tools like Voice Analysis, and simple biofeedback methods to enhance the mind, body, spirit connection, the organ and nutritional balance, and the need for safe, gradual, self administered detoxification habits and strategies, equipment and applications using PEMF Coiling & BetterGuide Software. Visit to Acquire AmpCoil

Module 3

Cleanse Journey

Cleanse *Smart
Cleanse Custom 
  • Primer 1 (PEMF, Grounding, Left Spin, Fibronacci, Thalamus, Chakras, Metabolism, Microbes
  • Boost 1 (Nutritional Support)
  • Boost 2 (Body Organ Support and Drainage)
  • Boost 3 (Body Normal Flora Bioterrain Restoration, Microbes, Metals, Toxins)
  • Deep Cleanse (Voice Analysis directed stress indicator extended cleansing 7 to 17 minutes)
  • Closing Biofield (Cellular memory repair, DNA Repair, Chakras Alignment, Energy Boost

Module 4

General Detox - 30 Steps 

  • A1 Airway Colon
  • A2 Airway Lung
  • B1 Brain CNS Cerebellum
  • B2 Brain Spinal Cord
  • C1 Circulation Heart
  • C2 Circulation Small Intestine
  • D1 Digestion Stomach Spleen
  • D2 Digestion Pancreas
  • E1 Endocrine Thyroid Adrenal
  • E2 Exocrine Glands Sweat Oil
  • F1 Filter Gall Bladder
  • F2 Filter Liver
  • G1 Genito-Urinary Bladder
  • G2 Genito-Urinary Kidney Prostate
  • H1 Housing Skeleton
  • H2 Housing Connective Tissue
  • I1 Immune System Thymus
  • I2 Immune System Lymphatics 
  • J1 Jacket Skin
  • J2 Jacket Hair Nail Senses
  • K1 Karma Pineal Hypothalamus
  • K2 Hypothalamus Memory
  • L1 Love Pituitary ANterior Sex
  • L2 Love Pituitary Posterior Adrenal
  • M1 Microbles
  • M2 Metals & Toxins
  • N1 Nutrition 
  • N2 Nutrition Herxheimer

Module 1

Organ Balance Journey

Support, Drainage and Seasonal Rotation


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