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The tutorials focus on new modalitis of music including nutrition, organ cleansing an detox, higher self stimulation and awareness, and overall immune boosint for self care.


Tutorials will include detailed discussion and case study demonstrations plus FAQ session on PEMF, biofeedback and brain entrainment techniques, nutrition and detox strategies.


PEMF or Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy enhances the delivery through amplication of selective music to low vibrations that can improve body bioresonsnce therapy.


Voice anaysis can help map and direct the search for the hidden signals from the body at early stages of deviation or detuning. By applying correct "Field" of surround sound magnetic vibration, bioresonance entrainment can augment and speed help by gaining additional access, safely and non-invasively,  to the deep body tissues, including the brain and  hollow organ.


This combination of resonance and amplification has scientifically shown to to provide better penetration of healthful vibrations known to tune and tone the organs and thus the form and function of the body. The speed without danger is the tipping factor for a new era of positive health interventions accessible to all.


Learning self care from home with such modalities is designed to reduce wasted time and money suffering from relentless inflammatory and degenrative diseases by intervening often and in small increments to avoid side effects, adverse reactions and to provide a pleasant rediscovery of the body, mind, emotionsl and spirit when at their best. 


BE200 Bioenergetics Webinars features MUSIC IS MEDICINE -  a 6 part Evergreen webinar series with optional Tutorials on equipement and Musical Interlude with overtures to the human body using selective body music and Brain Wave Entrainment music and PEMF modalities..


After an theoretical introductory lecture on the basis of vibration and how music matches many of the vibrations of the Periodic Table of Elements, we learn to broaden the scope of medicine to include Music is Medicine as a vibrational tool to tune and tone the body systems ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL for the Mind Body, Emotions and Spirit respectively.


The four elements of the Medicine Wheel of Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit are each addressed in a separate session, individually, then the summary chapter reviews how these individual spheres must be integrated to the whole. 


Music analogies are used throughout the simpllify the body physiology for anyone to understand.






Music is Medicine
Masterclass Webinars 


Music is Medicine Tutorials on PEMF


Music Is Medicine Interludes

This resource section contains valuable RESOURCES such as Interviews, bioenergetic technologies, PEMF usage tips, Frequently Asked Questions, Proctor and Case Study Examples, Bibliographies and other Appendices relevant to the best ethics, practices, safety, efficient use of equipment, devices and and coaching comportment.



Music is Medicine Resources


Music is Medicine Interludes helps to bring the music theory to life using spontaneous compositions by Dr. Deborah Drake to help show how the keyboard of the piano mirrors the Periodic Table Of Elements, with minerals of differnet vibrations and slective intervals mimicking the chemistry of humans physiology. 


In addtion, BRAVE WAVE Entrainment concerts by Dr. Drake and Campbell Foster help demonstrate musification of the brain speeds. This will help to show you how the brain might sound  at its various speeds of Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta brain wave speeds for various states of Wakefulness vs. Relaxation and Sleep.


This provides home access to muusic that can help your manage stress, pain, relaxation and peak performanceowith . 


Music is Medicine
PRO Bundle
All of the Above Series Components of :
BE200W  Webinars,
BE200M Music Interludes, BE200T Tutorials,
BE200R Resources
BONUS: Light Vibration 

BE200 PRO Music is Medicine Series provides the Theory, Musical Demonstrations and Practical Tuturoials and resources to help optimize your Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit.


Using attunement techniques of bioterrain grounding, hydration and oxygenation, along with proper neuro-entrainment, the body can be tuned.


Further toning can be done to ensure alignment and perforamnce using magnetized music, binaural beats music to sync the brain to optimal speed, and tutorials on equipment like PEMF to accelerate this process noninvasively, harmlessly and silently.


Resources on equipment, FAQ's and guest lectuers help us all better understand the harmonic concordance of health, wealth, wisdom and happiness.


Together we explore the tools, tips and options to tune and tone each organ, system and attitude for conscious living, and demonstrate the various brain wave speeds, neurotransmitters, and circadiam rhythm for the proper operation of the system. 


This course teachesyou how to harness the optimal conditions internally and externally for peak performance through alignment, operational speed and nutrition, and harmony.



This Course provides a Certificate of Completion for the hours related to each course. The accumulation of sufficient courses (10 certificates of Completion) may qualify for Certification for an Integrative Health Coach Degree from the Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine. 

Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine
Board Of Integrative Medicine

Application to the Board of Integrative Medicine for official recognition of CCHM graduates is done annually the last week of October at the WONM BOIM Annual Congress in Toronto.

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