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BE200 Music Is Medicine Integrating the Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit
BE300 Fundmantals of Integrative Living for Wellness, Detox, Restoration and Rejuvenation

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This 52 segments evergreen webinar and turtorial course by Integrative Health Coach Dr. Deborah Drake is a year long membership addressing a new body part per week for a full body balancing, tuning, toning and harmonizing.


Each week a online webinar takes a fun look at each of the body parts in 4 phases, alphabetically in order of importance or synergy with each other, and careful to compare the in and out organs, called the Yin (In) and Yang (out) organs in their natural circardian daily rhythm and their seasonal cleansing priority schedule. 


Phase 1 The Fundamentals of Living Well Reviews the ABC Engine, DEF Digestion, GHI Genital Housing Skeleton and Immune system, JKL Jacket of Skin/Hair/Nails, Karma Brain and Love Senses.


Phase 2 The Fundamentals of Detox review the MNO MIcrobes, Metals, Nutrition and Organ Risks in much deeper detail. Learn how and when to detox properly and safely to avoid unwantined negative reactions like the Herxheimer overload.


Phase 3 The Fundamentals of Restoration reviews the PQRST for Pain, Quest-Fit, Relaxation, Stress, and Trauma issues. The bodys inflammation to injury or sports wear and tear up to disease distortion or Post Traumatic stresss disorder are addressed with biotechnology corrections.


Phase 4 The Fundamentsl of Rejuvenation reviews the UVWXYZ for longetivity and a happy mind body spirit with Unity of Mind, Vitality, Weight Management, Sexual Purity and Prowess, Youthful Aging and Zen for proper sleep. 


Join in each week and learn how to care for your body.


BE 300 Fundamentals of Integrative Living

A to Z

Music is Medicine is a 6 part Evergreen webinar with Tutorials on equipement and Musical Interlude with overtures to the human body using selective body music.


After an theoretical introductory lecture on the basis of vibration and how music matches many of the vibrations of the Periodic Table of Elements, we learn to broaden the scope of medicine to include Music is Medicine.


The four elements of the Medicine Wheel of Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit are each addressed in a separate session, individually, then the summary chapter reviews how these individual spheres must be integrated to the whole. 


Music analogies are used throughout the simpllify the body physiology for anyone to understand.


The tutorials focus on new modalitis of music including nutrition, organ cleansing an detox, higher self stimulation and awareness, and overall immune boosint for self care.


Tutorials will include detailed discussion and case study demonstrations plus FAQ session on PEMF, biofeedback and brain entrainment techniques, nutrition and detox strategies.


PEMF or Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy enhances the delivery through amplication of selective music to low vibrations that can improve body bioresonsnce therapy. Voice anaysis can help map and direct the search for the hidden signals from the body at early stages of deviation or detuning. By applying correct "Field" of surround sound magnetic vibration, bioresonance entrainment can augment and speed help by gaining additional access, safely and non-invasively,  to the deep body tissues, including the brain and  hollow organ. This combination of resonance and amplification has scientifically shown to to provide better penetration of healthful vibrations known to tune and tone the organs and thus the form and function of the body. The speed without danger is the tipping factor for a new era of positive health interventions accessible to all.


Learning self care from home with such modalities is designed to reduce wasted time and money suffering from relentless inflammatory and degenrative diseases by intervening often and in small increments to avoid side effects, adverse reactions and to provide a pleasant rediscovery of the body, mind, emotionsl and spirit when at their best. 


This Course qualifies for 10 CEU's from the Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine ( and is taught by the Director of the Department of Bioenergetics, Dr. Deborah Drake, a retired Family/Emergency/Sports Allopathic physician who retrained in Natural Medicine attaining her Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Doctor of Humanitarian Services, Doctor of Philosophy in Bioenergetics, and Doctorate in Osteopathic Manual Practice, She is a certified biofeedback Specialist, Instructor and Frequency Matrix Therapist and LIght Therapist.

BE200 Music Is Medicine

This course provides the Bioterrain Basics of maintaining the body's most important balancing mechanisms, notably the Mineral Water and Oxygen carrying capacity of the body for a healthy environment internally. This course is designed by Dr. Deborah Drake, Bioenergetics expert, with live (and recorded)  webinars plus Tutorials of real life examles showing just how to apply the theory to yourself at home. The goal is to Empower You with knowledge and application for self mastery of pain stress relaxation and peak performance. Help lower your risk of disease with preventative healthy habits with the maximum impact and least cost, side effects or effort to implement. Through teaching basics to everyone, together we learn self care and the most important job to protect ourselves in every age of our lives. This basic understanding of bioterrin and electromagnetic flow of the bodys energy systems underpins all lay and professional health seeker, coaches and practitioners. .

BE100 Bioterrain


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