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Dr Deborah Drake was honoured at a Black Tie Gala Awards Ceremony as the Woman On Fire Science and Technology Award Winner for 2017. Dr. Drake presented the AmpCoil BetterGuide PEMF biofeedback self care home use modified Tesla Coil to an enthusiastic audience and she was interviewed on the inaugeral broadcast of Woman on Fire TV interviewed by Pat Roberts. See this interview in this website GALLERY. Congratulations and thank you to all the team of inspired colleagues who helped make this possible.



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 After travellers food poisoning, and no resolution from my typical doctors evaluations, I went searching for better alternative solutions including, nutrition, detoxification, homeopathy, chiropractic care and biotechnology.  Learning to care for the Human Body is no easy feat but the failing "Disease" model was hindering not helping in many cases like mine, and showed where the huge gaps were in traditional medicine.  So I began to pursue more Integrative Medicine. I repeatedly researched and found on average 42-44% of those I investigated  in detail had what I call  "Gut dysbiosis" or a disturbed digestive tract leading to numerous other conditions and immune unravelling. This taught me to clean from the inside out and is the foundation of my current practice.

Hello and Welcome Self Help Seeker!  I am glad you think that your best HEALTH COUNTS!

I am your Health Safari Coach Deborah Drake and I am delighted to share with you my wealth of 30 years experience in health related fields to offer you exceptional insight and expertise and hopefully some fun instead of drugery, to help guide you on your road to wellness.  I want you to learn to integrate good health into your daily life and I want you to MEASURE UP to prove it.

I believe in life long, self directed learning ranging from undergraduate BSc in  Kinesiology, Biology and Psychology (Universties of Waterloo then Alberta) followed by Doctor of Medicine (McMaster University), Family Medicine and Special Certification in Emergency Medicine (University of Toronto) graduating in 1988. Since then I have ventured deep into 25 years in traditional allopathic medicine, clinical teaching and research. After such an intense experience, I branched out and up.I studied Complementary and Alternative Medicine and pushed its birth as a specialty of its own.

I teamed with new investigators and helped foster new research, technology and investigations to show significant health gaps, and helped develop  and teach new measuring tools like Quantaum Biofeedback, SCIO, ESTECK, NES, Bioptron Light Therapy, PEMF matts, Bioresonance Scanners, Heart Rate Variability and Body Composition technology to assess hidden stress indicators. 

From this experience, I have joined forces with Dr. John Sargent to create a Education Training and Consultancy with Direct interest in disseminating quality information, technology and expertise to the world through internet and biotechnology from home, clinic or work.

I currently work in Toronto as the new and first Director of Bioenergetics at the Head Office of the Board of Integrative Medicine and Integrative Health Group

Suite 208 - 2190 Warden Ave. at Sheppard

Toronto Ontario Canadaa

. I welcome new clients by appointment only by calling or texting cellphone


Our Mission

About Dr. Drake


Now I practice as an Integrative Health Coach (IHC), Integrative Medical Doctor (IMD) and a Doctor of Humanitarian Services (DHS), Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Ayurved and Biofeedback Instructor and Practitioner. From this perspective, I can offer a wide scope evaluation or your health status, using friendly, non invasive tools.  Then a custom program of peak performance coaching can be developed to guide you to your best health. I promote nutritional whole food, great probiotics, and detoxification of the body to reduce stress, pain and promote relaxation and peak performance. I MAP you to guide you. So in fact, you are the one guiding me with your data, rather than a doctor ordering you to take therapies that may not be warrented or targeted to your hidden issues. This reduces risk to you, save time and money and gives the power back to the individual. Understanding is the key to Resolution.

Wouldn't you like to have a TRUE look inside yourself? Wouldn't you like to know in advance where invisible risks are stacking up in or out of your favour so you can intervene and so something about it in advance to attempt to prevent stress? Measure Up and let's find out what you are made of and what you need to do to LIVE WELL. Its a win win all around.

NOW WE CAN MEASURE THE BODY in a fraction of time cost and invasion, and glean mass amount of data, stream it through a computer at rapid speed and provide you with a detailed MAP OF THE BIOTERRAIN. The inner you is full of surprises, twists and turns, old road and new road ahead and its time you got the courage time and investment in yourself to TAKE A HEALTH SAFARI with us.


While disease oriented practice taught me alot I found many limitations of medicine.  Radiate, Medicate, Operate or Vaccinate may have a limited impact in the long run compared to cost effective, targeted, noninvasive practices to VIBRATE the biofield into harmonic concordance for optimal organ, immune, digestive, circulation and excretion functions, not to mention mental health and clarity. Chronic stubborn disease conditoins related to Stress, Pain, Relaxation, and Peak Performance, can now be addressed with BioEnergetic Sensing Technologies, as provided by -www.BESTTriage.com.  Doctors of Humanitarian Medicine Dr. Debortah Drake, IMD, DHS and Dr. John Sargent, DNM, with decades of collective experience have combined efforts with Health Evolution Technology to help create the program development and manufacturing oif a new called the AmpCoil. We are dedicated to top quality service and education for the acquisition and deployment of this modern tool to the global health community for Home Uses and for development of Bioenergetic Integrative health Coaches. Please see our LINK button for the access to a FREE HOME CERTIFICATION COURSE and other Tuition related Certification Courses in BIOENERGETICS. 

Visit www.BESTTRIAGE.com and the links to Acquire AmpCoil As

 place in healing compared to the Universal Healing Potential  or Operate has its place as the scope of a DOCTOR, but this was only helping some of my patients some of the time, and not without risks, costs, and side effects.while trying to suppress or hide the symptoms, instead of rooting out the effects of inflammation of the body causing "Oxidative Stress" or premature aging like rusting of the body.  

To remedy this situation, I studied long and hard and have come up with a measuring system to fully evaluate you from both visible and invisible indicators.

My mission is to inspire and challenge you to MEASURE UP and take an internal inventory as you progress through my fun, informative self survey.


You will be fascinated to DISCOVER YOURSELF FROM WITHIN!


After working as a Medical Doctor for 25 years, I retired my Medical License in Ontario in protest of the limitations put on physicians to pursue full spectrum care. My legal challenge helped to spark the CPSO approval of the first Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) policy and the new Transparency policy in the Medical Profession.

Through two decades of teaching, travelling to 50 city tour and exposure to other cultures and styles of medicine, I continued to learn new perspectives and continue to pursue solution oriented Integrative Medicine.  I fostered new research technology investigations to show health gaps in the detection of hidden toxins, allergens, infections, and genetic tendencies and more.  Now my clinical work couples a wide scoping perspective of integration of ancient traditions of Ayurvedic Practice and Herbology and detoxification, Osteopathic Manual Practice, coupled with modern safe, measuring technology such as Quantum Biofeedback, NES Provision & MiHealth Scenar PEMF, IMRS Pulsed electromagnetic Wave Therapy, Laser therapy, Nutritional and Peak Performance coaching . From this wealth of education, I promote a new perspective to promote Integrative Medicine.  Finally we have highly accurate, cost effective, time saving tools for MEASURING & MONITORING your custom health with integrative,  modern technology advances to gauge which solution is best for each individual. 

 This lead to further research into new technology for digital vital signs, and the application to health, Stress, Pain, Relaxation, Peak Performance & Sports medicine plus Much More. Archives on this training will soon be available in our Cyber Archives at www.XyberVedix.com or .tv opening Summer 2014.



D e b o r a h  A n n e  D r a k e 


Integrative Medicine Doctor

Doctor of Humanitarian Services

Osteopath MP, Ayurved and Auricular Biofeedback Practitioner

Director of Department Of Bioenergetics

Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine

Member of Board of Integrative Medicine

Lecturer World Organization of Natural Medicine

President of Xybervedix Inc.

Curator of Bioenergetics.thinkific.net






Bsc, MD(ret) IHC IMD DHS


‚Äč"In Recognition and Sincere Appreciation for Your Exceptional Contribution and Dedication to WELLNESS FOR HUMANITY"

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